The basis for the works are clippings from the Soviet magazine OGONIOK, most of the issues date back to 1960-75. The pictures are extracted from the context of the articles, while transformed by pictures from contemporary magazines. The point is to show the absurdity and transience of history. What used to be important — the five-year economic policy, the meetings of the Communist Party, the red Soviet flag, the cult of Lenin — were replaced by Hollywood women’s images and fashion.

Some of the works have «portals» in different realities, different epochs — an allegory of the future that looks in the past, the Soviet times. This collection of works is about the modern generation, which looks at the Soviet past. It is so distant and unclear for us, we don’t take it seriously any more, all we can do is just giggle. Well, one can say that the future generations will laugh about the beginning of the 21st century, too.


In the summer 2017 in Karlsruhe (Germany) there was a personal exhibition of the project CUTTING THROUGH.


Author’s excursion of Irina Vale


Curator’s excursion of Alexander Levchenko