Two images in the collage create a new third reality. Our consciousness can find a logical connection between any two pictures and attribute a story to them. But each viewer has a different story based on his previous experience. Works offer to unravel their meaning. But is there a correct answer? Or it is set by the author? And what if the author himself does not know the answer? New answers endlessly generate new questions.

In the series of works there are almost no images of people. But in fact the person in each photo presents, at least as a photographer’s personality. And all the collages about people. A man is one-on-one with a desert, a man one-on-one with the sea, a man and an endless glacier in front of him. A person comes to this world alone and leaves alone. It’s good, when in this short period of time we at least for a moment manage to understand that we live for real.


In March 2018 in Kyiv (Ukraine) there was a personal exhibition of the project REFLECTION in School of visual communication